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The Team

The team

Vinay Parameswarappa

Eternally curious about things around. Massive trivia buff.Love people watching. Enjoy long treks.Backpacker when it comes to travel. Foodie.Trying to rake in all the travel miles I can. And yes, I get blamed for starting this all

Vinay Nagaraju

I try to read whatever I can get my hands on.Aspiring author, hope to get a book out one day.Fitness freak and love good food, hence the constant battle. I’m the operations guy, so if anything doesn't work I’m mostly the reason

Vishwas Krishna

If you wish to know who my favourite character is, it is Howard Roark! More about me, Eternal Mysorean, love theatre, chess and the company of books. Rue over the fact that I don't travel as much as I would like to. Listen to a wide variety of music and of late, hooked to podcasts


I’m collector of sorts, fountain pens for one. Bibliophile, I end up buying more books than I manage to read. Bring up world affairs and history, I’m always up for a conversation. Penchant for Classical music, trying to pick up playing the flute. It’s harder than I imagined it to be

Faizan Baksh

I told them to write some pretentious things about me but they refused, never mind, this is me. Well, almost! A foodie although I might not look like one. Talk about spirituality, music or art and you'll have my undivided attention. And if you want to see a lion taking a crab's walk, hop on my wagon and let's shoot.

Abida Husna

Passionate, impulsive and headstrong. Can't stop poking my nose into anything about travel! A teacher by choice. Full time foodie. Suffer from butter finger syndrome, don't hand me your gadgets!

Santosh Prabhu

Actor, orator and a weirdo with a beardo! I heart theater. I crack too many jokes, and sometimes they're really bad ones! I have an attention span of a cockroach on crack! And my friends say that I am - did someone say food!?

Kainath Junaidi

Aspiring to be a fashion designer someday. Carefree. Decent cook. Love getting my hands dirty with gadgets (I can definitely spoil some, if I can’t fix one). Foodie at heart, but fitness freak.


Dare and dashing yet fun loving, love to read and meet new people. Always in quest to explore new places and varied food. Dance - yeah, that's where my soul lies.


Passionate about cooking (I'm of course a good cook), and can make others eat. I love singing and dancing. Simple, sweet, happy-go-lucky, and yes of course fitness is still my first priority.


Have an ear for music, been training as a Ghatam artist. Enjoy cooking and good food. Love the farm life, so it all that works out well for me. I write code, let's call it user experience. Bouquets or brickbats on the site, I’m all ears