Some questions that might cross your mind

  • 1. How will I recognize the tour lead?

    You’ll find your tour lead at the starting point wearing a sling bag with our bright logo on it. We’ll also mail you the details of the tour lead a day prior to the tour.

  • 2. Should I sign up for the tours ahead of time?

    Yes, we would recommend doing so as we have limited spots. Book the tours online and get your slots confirmed.

  • 3. I am not much of a walker, how fit do I need to be?

    It’s easy, we have had guests who were in their 80s. We walk a slow pace, this is definitely not an endurance test.

  • 4. How early do I show up for the tour?

    We advice 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the tour, just to be safe.

  • 5. Do you walk during rain or shine?

    Yes, It doesn’t rain heavily in Mysore.

  • 6. How many people do you expect on a tour?

    We try to keep it to a small group. We limit it to 15 people for the Walking tour and a maximum of 8 on the Cycle Tour.

  • 7. What to wear?

    With clothing and footwear, wear something comfortable.

  • 8. Are the tours child friendly?

    Yes. the tours are child friendly, for the cycle tours, we would recommend kids above the age of 8yrs.

  • 9. Do we enter any of the monuments on the tour?

    No, we don’t. The tour is a great introduction to the city that’ll help you appreciate these monuments better if you chose to visit it separately.

  • 10. Can you customize tours for us?

    Yes, we would love customize tours for you. Tell us your interest and we’ll get back to you with a plan.

  • 11. How can I pay for the walks?

    You can pay online on our website.

  • 12. Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes, if you are coming in as a group, let us know, we offer group discounts.

  • 13. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    All cancellations prior to 15 days of the tour will have a 80% refund. From 14 to 7 days of the tour date, the refund would be 50% of the tour fee and for later cancellations, there shall be no refund.

  • 14. Will all the tours be in English?

    Yes, all tours are in English.